Different ways to style a raincoat with wardrobe basics


If you feel intrigued by all these little design details on the Marila raincoat – we have some styling ideas for you. It’s actually really easy to dress it up or down and play around with this new unisex model, named to honor our beloved ducks.

Back to Black

There are some dishes called “comfort foods”, i.e. soup, casserole, mac cheese and so on. We think black and white are the comfort colors. They are timeless, yet always stay modern and require no thinking or matching at all. Comfy trousers, a white sweater, and long boots, together with a raincoat make you ready for anything. Go and conquer your day!

Dress? Yes!

Can’t decide whether you want more elegance or roughness in your outfit? Have them both. Pair a linen maxi summer dress with a black Marila raincoat and finish it up with black boots. Soften your look with a sincere smile whenever you want to and enjoy a nice evening in the city with your friends or family.

A dreamer in the garden

For a graceful walk in nature grab the olive Marila and pair it with a sweater-on-top-of-shirt combo. Breathe deep and imagine you’re an artist looking for inspiration. White jeans and some durable footwear of your choice will complete the look. Rain or sunshine – you are ready.

The middle of the ocean

Bring more serenity to your day, however, you may spend it. Ocean blue Marila raincoat with a white sweater and trousers will help you to calm down and gently remind you to be more mindful.

From home to work, from work to a meeting with your best friend, from the meeting to a park with your pet – a raincoat will be your silent savior in any elements.