Ducktail Rainwear is an exceptional rainwear brand defined by quality, modern designs and a colorful palette. Established in 2016, Ducktail Rainwear was based on an idea to transform the rain into a joyful and cozy experience for our customers. Our products suit a wide range of people and lifestyles – from stay at home moms to nomadic travellers and if there is one feeling that unites them all, it’s being safe no matter what life offers you today.

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The brand Ducktail Rainwear was created by two friends. They were inspired to create a raincoat brand while watching ducks in a lake and admiring their ability to be in the water but not get wet. If the ducks have the ability to stay dry even while diving into the lake, so should a person while walking in the rain! Ducktail Rainwear allows you to stay dry without feeling as if you are wrapped up in a thick rubber Hazmat suit. Ducktails signature feature is the tail or “ducktail” which defines them from other raincoats. The tail makes our raincoats unique and recognizable on the street and is functional, as it keeps the back side of the legs dry and clean from unwanted kicked up water when walking.


Handmade from waterproof material, our raincoats and backpacks are durable in any situation and extremely lightweight. Although waterproof, the material is completely breathable and gets you through sunny days without breaking a sweat. Functionality is a key element in Ducktail designs – spacious pockets, comfortable hoods, reflective trim details are present in every raincoat and some have additional features, such as earphone port hole and removable two-sided reflective tails. Our backpacks are all equipped with waterproof zippers to keep your belongings safe from getting wet. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the rain. With Ducktail Rainwear there are no bad weather days!

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Our small, but dedicated team consists of three members – Vigita, Sigita and Ugnė. Vigita, the founder and owner, is the soul of our brand and is involved in every part of the business to the tiniest adjustments. She meticulously checks every single detail and is full of inspiration day and night. If you want to know more about her, we have a whole blog post dedicated to that. Sigita is our heart, always pumping great ideas related to design and communications. Since she is also a great model, you can find her beautiful smile all along our feed. Ugnė is making sure you see tons of great content – pictures, videos, stories and blog posts and also writing this text right now 🙂

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Want to get in touch with us? Please note that we take wholesale orders and work on consignment with concept stores across the world.

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