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We are glad to announce our cooperation with Lithuanian Ornithologist Society. 2% of every purchase will be contributed to help save water birds (some of them are endangered species). We have been dreaming about an initiative like this one. Although the ride was bumpy and some of the “soon to start” collaborations reached the dead end. Nonetheless, we succeeded this time and we’re extremely proud and grateful for this amazing opportunity to help save the ducks.

support the wild birds
Lithunian Ornithologist sociaty

Lithuanian Ornithologist Society

This non-profit organization is responsible for providing care and safety for all species of wild birds in Lithuania as well as their nesting places. There are many devoted people in this organization. Not only do they directly ensure the well-being of wild birds by providing nesting-boxes and other essential items but also educate the public about nature protection, initiate scientific research in the field, organize conferences to discuss related topics, etc.

2020 was a really productive year for the ornithologists. They have organized and coordinated dozens of events and initiatives (some of them were sponsored by the European Union) related to wild birds and protected nature territories. Our team is immensely happy to provide financial aid to these remarkable bird enthusiasts. The Society is also actively publicizing their work. They publish their own magazine, there is an active YouTube channel, and they are frequently organizing exhibitions which you can often see on television. All this work contributes to raising awareness about saving the endangered species, taking care of wild birds and ecology in general.

making the nesting boxes

Nesting-boxes for the ducks

All of our money will be spent on making and putting up nesting-boxes for wild ducks and other water birds. For the birds who live in urban areas the lack of nesting-boxes is a huge problem. For example, if the ducklings (who are not yet able to fly) are born further away from a river or pond, they sometimes have to cross non-pedestrian zones in order to reach the water. That often results in cars accidentally hitting and killing them. This is why it’s crucial to provide enough nesting places as close to the water as possible to avoid this problem. We love to walk by the river and admire our beloved ducks. Now we’ll be twice as happy knowing that their ducklings are really safe. In the future we are planning to support other important projects like this one.

nesting boxes by the riverside