Spring Cleaning: 4 Easy Tips On How To Clean Your Closet

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Spring cleaning is something we all do in one way or another – whether it’s at the end of winter or just before Easter. Although our blog post is about cleaning up your wardrobe, let’s take a look at the history of spring cleaning.

During the 1800s, according to the Washington Post, the biggest annual housecleaning took place in the spring because the winter left homes coated with “a layer of soot and grime in every room.” Proper cleaning required opening windows to let the soot out, which, of course, could only be done during warmer weather.

With that in mind, we think spring cleaning is something encoded deeply in our minds for centuries. Forms and shapes have changed, but the concept is still the same. Now, let’s embrace the process of spring cleaning your closet.

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Think Strategically

Nothing good happens without a good plan, even when it starts in chaos. Don’t be afraid! Just open up your closet and take everything out. A good way of approaching the spring cleaning is to try on every single piece of clothing and divide them into three categories – keep, store and donate.

While sorting out your clothes, some good questions to ask yourself are:

• Does it still fit?
• Are there any stains or other damages?
• Will I wear this more than once?
• Is it versatile?

Be truthfully honest with yourself when answering these questions and some pieces may end up in a “donate” section immediately. Although, there’s nothing wrong with keeping anything that has sentimental value.

Embrace the purge

Getting rid of clothes you’ve lived with comfortably in your closet for years can be a difficult task, but when it’s over it’s well worth conquering any temporary bouts of separation anxiety. If you haven’t worn something in a year and it’s not from an important label, politely say “thank you” and leave it to someone else. You won’t even know it’s gone. Donating things helps ease the pain of getting rid of something so keep asking yourself the question, “Does this piece make me feel my best?” If it doesn’t, unfortunately, it has no room in your wardrobe.

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Store seasonal items

If you live somewhere with seasons, packing away the pieces that you’re not planning to wear in some time is half the battle. For the important pieces that need storage for the season, a little care goes a long way.

To save yourself from unpleasant surprises, launder the items before storing them and put them in a protective enclosure for the season, like canvas boxes. The cotton material allows the fabrics to breathe. You don’t want to pull something out six months later and find that moths have eaten all of your beautiful coats. A cedar closet is great for avoiding this, but you have to sand it every once in a while to keep it fresh.

However you choose to store your seasonal clothes, wait until the very end to actually put them in storage—you never know what you’re going to decide to add or subtract from the pile until you’re actually done sorting through everything.

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One last tip

If you are really unsure whether the garment is worth keeping or not – set a one-year rule. Have you worn this item in a year? If not, it might be time to say goodbye. This tip doesn’t apply to clothing for special occasions or to something that has sentimental value, but you probably get the point already.

Stay honest to yourself and slowly create a wardrobe that says “YOU”. If you need more inspiration, read our blog post on Capsule Wardrobe.