7 Meaningful Podcasts To Inspire Self-Love


The consumption of podcasts continues to grow globally. It is a great way for creators to communicate directly with an unlimited number of listeners. Among the main reasons for the growth in popularity is the quick response of content producers to social trends and the ability to deliver clear and understandable content to their audience. Moreover, podcasts have become more and more popular as they allow their audience to combine podcast listening with everyday tasks. We believe podcasts are a great way to draw inspiration on any given topic and these are our picks for self-love, mental health, and women-positivity.

It’s After Sunset

A weekly good-night podcast of calm conversations about anything from spirituality, emotional well-being, guided meditations, and giggles. Grab a warm cup of tea and your favorite pillow and enjoy the light chat like you were sitting next to the girls.

Selfhealer Soundboard

The Selfhealer Soundboard, hosted by Dr. Nicole LePera (author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller “How to do the work”) and co-host Jenna Weakland (co-creator of The SelfHealer Circle). This podcast is doing an incredible job in providing an understanding of self-awareness concepts and intertwining that with their own personal journeys. You’ll learn how to recognize your patterns, heal from your past, and create your best Self.

The Positive Psychology Podcast

This amazing podcast talks about appreciation of beauty, gratitude, positive emotions, relationships, and love. It is full of positive psychology presented in a language anyone can relate to. A wide range of themes sometimes gets quite serious, for example when exploring things like post-traumatic growth or positive parenting.

Second Life

“Who What Wear” founder Hillary Kerr interviews notable women who have pivoted professionally later in their careers on Second Life. The inspiring and candid conversations provide the incredible backstories behind some of today’s most powerful founders and executives.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Delving into quandaries both historical and modern, hosts Anney and Samantha dig into the issues that affect women today, including mental health, sexuality, and body politics, and examine them from every angle to better understand what it means to be female in our world. Expect deep dives into everything from why choosing steak over salad has gendered connotations to the complicated social history of tanning.

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

This is not your typical financial advice podcast. Gaby Dunn goes deep on the structures that impact personal wealth, specifically examining the intersection of money and social justice. A real treat for anyone interested in the psychology of finance.

Encyclopedia Womannica

Finally, need a quick dose of womanly greatness? These 5-minute profiles of great women in history (think: spies, athletes, artists, CEOs, and more) are just what the doctor ordered when you’re feeling a little uninspired.

We hope you’ll find yourself in at least one of our picks. In an age of virtual reality and social media, it is crucially important to make mindful choices about the information you consume daily. Surround yourself with people and personalities that only give you a boost and make your days brighter.