How Weather Conditions Affect Your Mood + Tips On How To Deal With It

rainy day

Have you ever noticed the unexpected shift in your mood sometimes mirrors the changes in weather? When the sun is shining, we feel like we can do anything we want. However, as soon as clouds show up, we suddenly start feeling sleepy, become easily irritated and lack energy and motivation to even get out of bed. There is a reason why this happens. In the darker environment a human body starts producing more melatonin hormone which results in a slower metabolism as well as sleepiness.

To cheer you up we can inform you that many famous artists, writers and composers suffered severely from mood swings triggered by the weather changes: J. J. Rousseau, W. A. Mozart, L. da Vinci to mention a few. As we all know, the atmospheric pressure is low when it’s raining and high when the sun shines. The great German poet J. W. von Goethe once wrote that his most productive work was produced on bright and sunny days.

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The importance of temperature

When it comes to weather conditions, the temperature changes have the biggest impact on us. A human body has a miraculous ability to self-regulate the temperature to be at around 37 degrees Celsius no matter whether it is cold or warm outside. On a sweltering hot day, the cooling mechanism of the body works less effectively. Therefore, the heart has to pump blood at a much faster rate and the blood circulation intensifies. This whole process consumes a lot more energy and leaves us fatigued. After spending a day in extremely hot weather conditions the rain feels like a blessing!

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Water is crucial

Another important thing to mention is that along with the rain we get a lot of negative ions. They affect our bodies in a very positive way – negative ions help us relax and calm down. It is now clear why we prefer to spend holidays by the sea or a lake. Being near the water gives us an energy boost and the refreshment we need after working hard.

We have a solution for you whenever you feel tired and overwhelmed and can’t get away for holidays. Simply go for a walk on a rainy day! If you can, walk on the grass with your bare feet. You will instantly notice your emotional state change and you’ll feel the lightness of your body and freedom of your soul emerging.

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Dealing with drastic changes

When the weather conditions change slowly, we may not experience drastic shifts in our physical and emotional state. However, the transition becomes obvious when we travel, crossing different climate zones. According to scientists, if you want to minimize your body’s reaction to climate changes, you need to establish a solid daily routine. It is also important to get enough sleep and eat clean. Another helpful way to increase your body’s resistance is to take cold showers and visit a sauna regularly.

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Did you know that there is even a name for the state of suffering from weather conditions? It’s called meteoropathy, or weather-related pain. It is the most common among people with past limb injuries or arthritis, but not limited to them. Statistically, women are more prone to suffer from weather changes than men. The majority of these cases happen during spring and autumn.


In conclusion, we shouldn’t think of the rain as an interference to our day or our goals. The rain is vital for nature and all ecosystems. It is also beneficial to us, humans. The rain purifies oxygen, which is the most important element for us to be able to breathe. You may have noticed that fresh breath of air straight after a summer rain. How good does it feel? The rain is also very important for those who are allergic to pollen. On a hot and dry day, there are tons of pollen floating in the air and rain has the ability to wash them off to the ground.

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Useful tips

We have some useful tips for you to feel better when the weather conditions are constantly changing:

1. Take contrasting showers in the morning (hot-cold-hot water in a sequence)
2. Regularly visit a sauna
3. Eat clean, try to consume fresh products which are in season
4. Find your way to relax and relieve stress
5. Do some cardio at least a few times in a week – take a walk, ride a bike, go for a run.
6. Get up, eat and go to sleep at the same time. Daily routine enforces our body’s natural biological rhythm and makes us more resilient.
7. Open a window in your room at least once a day and leave it fully open for 5-10 minutes.
8. Dedicate time for getting some fresh air every day. If you live in the city, find a park and take a big breath.

We invite you all to take care of yourself and your physical and emotional well-being.

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